Same Day Crowns at Barrett Family Dental

making a dental implant

At Barrett Family Dental, Beaverton Dentist Dr. Richard Barrett understands that crowns are one of the most important types of dental treatment.  But, at the same time can be among the most frustrating for patients.  Traditionally, crowns combine the things that patients hate the most…multiple trips to the dentist.  However, at Barrett Family Dental, we have found a better way.

The Best Restoration Option

In many cases, crowns are the best restoration option for teeth and dentist in Beaverton Dr. Richard Barrett can advise you if a crown is needed.  Normally, crowns are needed when a tooth has lost enough structure that a filling lacks the adequate strength.  Typically, this is a result of decay, failure of an existing larger filling, or fracture.  Once enough tooth structure is lost, placing a filling puts the tooth at very high risk of catastrophic fracture and the loss of that tooth.  A crown, which fully covers the tooth on all sides, removes this risk.

Usually a Two-Step Process

In traditional offices, the crown process is a two-step experience.  At the first visit, the tooth will be anesthetized, and prepared for the crown.  Once the dentist has properly shaped the tooth, an impression or mold will be taken.  This mold captures the shape of the tooth so an outside lab can make the crown.  Unfortunately, the impression can take up to five minutes and in some patients induce gagging.  Then, a temporary crown is made from plastic and glued in place using temporary cement.  The patient is then sent home with incomplete treatment and told to return in two weeks once the final crown is back from the lab.  While in the temporary, the patient is told to avoid using the tooth at all costs.  When the patient returns after two weeks, the final crown is then seated, often with a second round of anesthesia.  

With Us: Done In A Single Visit

Thankfully, there is a better way to get this necessary treatment done.  Dr. Richard Barrett and his staff at Barratt Family Dental have embraced the latest digital technology so your crown be completed in a single visit and without those gaggy impressions.  At our office, the crown process begins the same way, Dr. Barrett carefully sculpting the tooth to prepare it for the crown.  But, once that is finished the process is dramatically different.  Rather than using a gag inducing impression that takes five minutes, Dr. Barrett uses a scanning wand to created a digital 3D rendering of your mouth in seconds.  Before your eyes, your teeth are replicated on the computer screen which is then used in office the create your crown.  Rather than use an outside lab, Dr. Barrett will digitally craft your new crown while sitting in the room with you.  Then, that crown will be milled out of a solid ceramic block in office using the same types of equipment an outside lab would use.  Once done, the crown is finished, polished, and cement in the same visit.  

At Barrett Family Dental, you leave with your final crown the same day.  Plus, by designing the crown in house, we can ensure that only the finest materials are used.  There is no finer way to receive dental care and we are proud to be able to provide this state of the art service to our patients.