Preserving Your Smile: The Importance of Bone Grafts After Tooth Extraction

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At Barrett Family Dental, we do our very best to ensure that our patients have a lifetime of excellent oral health. Despite this, sometimes dental disease does cause patients to lose the occasional tooth. When this happens we can extract that tooth, but ideally that isn’t the end of treatment.

Did you know that after a tooth is extracted, up to 50% of bone in that region will be lost within 1 year?  Preventing that bone loss is critical for patients who want to replace a lost tooth. Beaverton dentist, Dr. Richard Barrett, offers his patients the opportunity to preserve their bone after a dental extraction by artfully grafting bone into the extraction site. By doing so, the boney ridge can be preserved and better prepared for future implant placement or to contour a bridge or partial. There is no good reason to let your bone dissolve away!

The best part is, placing a bone graft does not require an additional appointment. Dr. Richard Barrett, your dentist in Beaverton, will extract your unsavable tooth and immediately place the graft. In a matter of minutes, the graft material can be placed and covered to allow your body to heal with maximum bone support.  

We are often asked if receiving a bone graft is safe. Rest assured; Beaverton dentist, Dr. Richard Barrett, only uses the highest quality grafting material available. The grafts we use are produced by an organization that only gets material from AATB accredited tissue banks. The cadaver graft material is terminally sterilized using gamma irradiation and is strictly monitored by the FDA. This guarantees the graft material is sterile and safe to be used.  

Once bone is lost, it can be very hard if not impossible to get it back. The most predictable way to prevent bone atrophy after an extraction is to have a same day ridge preservation graft placed. Doing so will allow for future replacement of the lost tooth by an implant or will allow for proper contouring around a partial or bridge. It will ensure that aesthetics and function are never compromised. The goal of Barrett Family Dental and your Beaverton dentist, Dr. Richard Barrett, is that our patients can enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles. One of the tools we have to make that a reality are bone grafts that preserve the jaw bone. If for some reason, you lose a tooth, don’t let your bone dissolve away. Come see us today!