Digital Dentistry Is Here!

dental x-rays by family dental practice in Beaverton

Beaverton Dentist Dr. Richard Barrett is excited to announce that Digital Dentistry has arrived at Barrett Family Dental.  When we first opened our doors in 2013, we were excited to be able to treat out patients using the latest technology in digital x-rays and record keeping.  It’s amazing how far we have come in only six years.

Today, we can do so much more using digital technology to provide our patients with better quality care and more comfortable care.

The PrimeScan System

Recently, we upgraded our office with a PrimeScan System.  PrimeScan is a state-of-the-art digital scanning system.  Using Primescan, we can image the mouth and create a 3D rendering of the dentition and supporting oral tissues.  This scan takes the place of traditional impressions.  The scan is far more accurate and avoids the discomfort of traditional impressions.  Patients who experience gagging during traditional impressions will find total relief using PrimeScan.

This 3D rendering can be used to create a variety or oral appliances such as crowns, bridges, night guards, athletic guards, and any other device which requires an impression.

Our CEREC System

The PrimeScan system is just a small part of the Digital Dentistry upgrades at Barrett Family Dental.  The PrimeScan works hand in hand with our CEREC system.  CEREC is an in office CAD/CAM milling system which dentist in Beaverton Dr. Richard Barrett uses to make crowns and other restorations for his patients in the office.

In a traditional non-digital dental office, a crown is a two-appointment visit.  At the first visit, the patient is seen to prepare the tooth for the crown.  Once that is completed, a rubbery material is used to take a traditional impression which can take up to five minutes in the mouth and cause severe gagging.  Once the impression is done, a plastic temporary crown is fabricated and the patient is sent home for up to two weeks while an outside lab creates the final crown.  The patient must then return at a later date to have the crown seated and cemented in place.  

One Visit Crowns

Thanks to Digital Dentistry, Beaverton dentist Dr. Richard Barrett can complete this treatment in one visit.  At our office, the tooth is prepared in the exact same way as in a traditional non-digital office.  But, that’s what the experience changes.  Rather than enduring a gaggy rubbery impression, the teeth are digitally imaged using PrimeScan in a matter of seconds.  Then, right before your eyes Dr. Barrett will design your crown using modern digital software to ensure a perfect fit.  Once ready, the digital image is transferred to the CEREC CAD/CAM system and your crown is milled out of a solid ceramic block.  You can even press the start button if you want!  Once the crown is finished, it is cemented in the mouth the same day.  No temporary, no second visit.  

The upgrade to Digital Dentistry at Barrett Family Dental allows us to use the most modern of techniques and materials to ensure that our patients receive the best care that is available.  Additionally, we are able to provide this ideal care in far less time and fewer visits allowing our patients to receive the care they need as conveniently as possible.