Dentistry for Kids

Experience Outstanding Family Dental Care in Beaverton

At Barrett Family Dental, Dr. Richard Barrett, a premier family dentist in Beaverton, OR, and his team understand that going to the dentist might be a little frightening for kids. That’s why we work to make every patient relaxed and comfortable, including children of all ages.

We believe that children should visit the dentist as early as possible in order to ensure the best dental health possible. You can bring your child to Barrett Family Dental once teeth begin to erupt, which is usually by 12 months of age. As a premier kids' dentist, your first visits will allow you to introduce your child to our dental office and team in a relaxed manner.

We want you and your child to become comfortable here. By carefully approaching this first appointment at Barrett Family Dental, we can help your child or teen feel comfortable with their dentist and educate them at an early age about good dental habits and the benefits of dentistry for kids.

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