Revolutionizing Dental Care: No Impression Digital Dentistry for a Comfortable, Efficient Visit

digital beaverton dentist

At Barrett Family Dental, we strive to make a visit to the dental office as comfortable as possible. This is why Beaverton dentist, Dr. Richard Barrett, has chosen to eliminate virtually all impressions from our practice. Gone are the days when a tray full of slime is placed in the mouth for minutes at a time. Today we are able to complete the same impression using a digital wand. This takes a fraction of the time and requires no goopy material.

The process is simple. Dr. Richard Barrett, your dentist in Beaverton, will use our PrimeScan system to capture an image of your teeth with a computer. Using modern 3D modeling software, your teeth will appear on the screen in seconds – captured in high resolution detail. The result is a highly accurate impression taken comfortably and conveniently. 

There are a variety of reasons to take a digital impression. If you need a night guard because you grind your teeth in your sleep, or perhaps you are unhappy with your smile and want us to help you with your orthodontic journey. Also, any time Dr. Barrett needs to send your case to an outside lab it can be done digitally. Because it’s all done digitally, the lab gets your impression instantly resulting in the final product being delivered sooner than ever before!

Barrett Family Dental’s No Impression Digital Dentistry also allows us to perform more same day treatment than ever before.  One of the most common treatments a patient can need is a dental crown. In the past, this was a two-appointment effort. You would come in to have your tooth worked on, an impression taken and would leave with a rough plastic temporary. Then after a couple of weeks you would take more time off work to come in and have the final crown placed. Thanks to Dr. Richard Barrett’s digital dentistry, we can now fabricate that very crown the same day. No rubbery impression, no temporary crown, no second visit.

The world we live in is constantly moving forward through the advent of new technology and better techniques. It is the duty of all health care providers to ensure that the best care possible is available in their office. Dr. Richard Barrett, your dentist in Beaverton, has chosen to be at the forefront of advancing dental technology to ensure our patients are treated with the best and most modern care. Our commitment to non-invasive digital dentistry is the cornerstone of our promise to always make sure you get the best possible care.

Digital dentistry is here to stay. Dr. Richard Barrett is excited to share these new techniques and technologies with our patients and is always looking forward to meeting new patients. Please give us a call to schedule your visit today!