Coming Soon: Digital Dentistry to Barrett Family Dental

Beaverton dentist

As your trusted Beaverton dentist, Dr. Richard Barrett and his team understand that as a profession, dentistry constantly changes and improves with modern technology. As further advancements in technology develop, we must advance along with it to ensure our patients receive the best care available.

In order to provide the best care possible, Barrett Family Dental proudly introduces Digital Dentistry to our patients.

What is Digital Dentistry you ask? Digital Dentistry is a modern approach to dentistry using computer generated imaging to design fillings and crowns to ensure an optimal fit and quality.

The Digital Dentistry Difference

With digital dentistry, Dr. Barrett will no longer need to take traditional impressions of a patient’s teeth for treatment.

Gone are the days where you need to bite into a tray containing a blob of material that can be messy, uncomfortable, or even cause you to gag. Instead, a small wand with a photographic sensor will be used to photograph all the teeth and their surfaces to create a 3D digital model of your mouth before your eyes.

Dr. Barrett can then use this 3D model to create fillings, crowns, or to help custom fabricate oral appliances like a mouthguard.

The use of 3D modeling in the creation of digital impressions allows Dr. Richard Barrett to create an ideal seal between tooth and restoration to ensure the best fit possible. The digital impression sensor offers far more accuracy than the human eye, and as a result the quality is far better than can be done by hand.

One of the biggest improvements digital dentistry offers our patients is significantly reducing the amount of time you’ll spend visiting a Beaverton dentist because digital technology allows us to do so much more in just one appointment.

Patients who need inlays, onlays, or crowns usually were required to visit the dentist twice.

The first appointment would prepare the tooth and make an impression. The patient would then leave wearing a temporary restoration, only to return two weeks later to have the permanent restoration placed.

Patients needed to wait until their restoration was fabricated at an outside lab.

Using our state-of-the-art computer-controlled CAD/CAM milling system, the restoration is created from a solid block of ceramic material.

With digital dentistry, Dr. Barrett and his team have the ability to fabricate your restoration in the office while you sit in the chair. You can even watch it be made!

Digital Dentistry Offers an Improved Patient Experience

With the ability to create restorations in office rather than using an outside lab, you only have to visit the dentist once. No impressions, no temporaries, no return visits! This time savings provides you with more flexibility in your schedule, and provides you with more time for what matters most in your life, without having to sacrifice needed healthcare.

In addition to the time saved by in-office fabrication, your Beaverton dentist has more control over the material used to fabricate a restoration when made in house. As a result, there is no doubt that the finest materials available are being used when repairing your smile.

With improved available materials, Dr. Barrett is able to offer his patients the best fitting, longest lasting restorations available today, with far fewer appointments. As a result, we are extremely excited to be able to offer digital dentistry to our patients.