For Our Smallest Patients: A Dental Introduction

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At Barrett Family Dental, we know that a lifetime’s enjoyment of healthy teeth starts at childhood. That’s why we encourage our families to bring their new patients in as soon as teeth start to erupt– usually around one year of age. Introducing small patients to the office and our team gently, through short, fun, visits, gives your children the best start at great dental health.

But visiting Dr. Barrett isn’t the only way children can become acquainted with oral hygiene. In addition to beginning brushing and flossing– and watching parents brush and floss– here are some creative ways to explore dentist visits and oral health:

Make a Mouth.

If your child is old enough not to put the Play Doh in her mouth, you might consider asking her to sculpt one with you. Don’t worry if her version (or yours) isn’t anatomically correct. Encouraging her to explore the arrangement of her teeth, tongue, and tonsils, is actually a great early brain-teaser in abstract thinking, and sparks her excitement for upcoming dental visits: after all her hard work, she’ll be ready to teach Dr. Barrett something!

Find a Practice Patient.

Teddy. Buzz Lightyear. Even Transformers or My Little Ponies will make an acceptable patient in a pinch. Explain the procedure to your tiny dentist, and then turn him loose on a toy with some toothpaste and floss. You can even take this exercise a step further and let him practice on you– he will love the chance to be in charge, and this playful approach makes real office visits feel less intimidating.


The Berenstein Bears Go to the Dentist and The Tooth Book are just two popular choices in an endless list of children’s books meant to ease the minds of small patients. Expand your child’s library by borrowing or buying a couple dental-themed books, and encourage him or her to look at the pictures, learn the plot, and ask questions. This is an excellent way to introduce dentist visits and tooth care!

Find more dental activity projects here

…and don’t forget: watching you perform regular dental care is the surest way to teach your child how to care for his or her own oral health.

We know you have lots of choices for dentists in Beaverton Oregon. When it’s time for that first dental visit, schedule an appointment with Dr. Barrett and let our team know that it’s your child’s first exam. We’ll make sure that his or her first steps on the road to excellent oral health feel safe, fun, and friendly. Here at Barrett Family Dental, we’re excited and honored to be a part of your child’s healthy start!

Photo Credit: jibber11 via Compfight cc