Introducing Our New Online Portal

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Beaverton dentist, Dr. Richard Barrett and his team, always strive to make our office easier to visit and more user friendly. To that end, we have created a new online portal system which will allow our patients unparalleled access to the office. Simply download the app and you will be able to take advantage of the many new benefits.

Exclusive Rewards Program

One of the most exciting new benefits that dentist in Beaverton, Dr. Barrett, is rolling out is our exclusive rewards program. You will be able to earn reward points in a variety of ways including filling out your forms online, confirming through the app and more. By doing the things you have always done you will accrue points, which can be redeemed for a variety of items including gift cards and discounts on various products.

Online Scheduling Platform

Barrett Family Dental’s online portal is also the key to our new online scheduling platform. You will now be able to schedule appointments online for things such as your routine cleaning and checkups. This easy to use platform will help you save time while making sure you always get the care you need.

Appointment Reminders and Alerts

Stay up to date with our appointment reminders and alerts. We know that life today is busy and you have many things on your schedule. Our non-invasive alerts and reminders will help ensure that the care you need doesn’t fall through the cracks of your busy life. Dr. Barrett, your Beaverton dentist, believes that timely care is the key to living a healthy life and our new app will help ensure that these important appointments are not forgotten.

Download the App Today

Download the app today and activate your online portal access. At Barrett Family Dental, we strive to always provide modern and top quality care and with our new portal, that is easier than ever!