Introducing Orthodontics at Barrett Family Dental

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Here at Barrett Family Dental, your premiere Tanasbourne family dentist, we ask our patients every year what services they would like to see us add to our practice. Orthodontics is one service that is often mentioned, so because of this, we have done our research into the various orthodontic systems on the market and have found one that is the best fit for our patients and our practice.

Barrett Family Dental care in Beaverton is working with Dentsply to offer orthodontic services using the MTM Clear Aligner system. This system is designed to treat basic orthodontic cases that don’t require the care of a specialist, so we can offer these services to our patients for a fraction of the cost compared to traditional orthodontic treatment.

Introducing the MTM Clear Aligner System

The MTM Clear Aligner system uses a series of trays with small buttons on the inside which apply pressure to the teeth to gently move them into the proper alignment. These trays are designed to be worn for approximately three weeks before being replaced with the next tray in the series. The number of trays needed to complete this process varies on a case-by-case basis.

The path to straighter teeth couldn’t be easier. First, we will need to see you for an exam to get you established into our practice and determine if the MTM Clear Aligner system will achieve your goals. Next, impressions and photographs of your teeth will be taken. These impressions and photographs are sent off to the Dentsply lab where they create a digital model of your teeth today and a digital model of your teeth after treatment.

Once this is completed, we will have you back to discuss these models and let you see what your teeth will look like. At that time, any questions you have will be answered and we will also know how many sets of trays will be required. Then, we start treatment!

The Benefits of a Better Looking Smile

One of the benefits of the MTM Clear Aligner system is that minimal modification to the teeth is required. Many other tray-based systems require large “buttons” of filling material to be attached onto the teeth to facilitate movement. The MTM Clear Aligner system has the button inside the trays so nothing is ever bonded to your teeth.

The MTM Clear Aligner system is a smile correction system. It is designed to treat simple orthodontic cases that have good functionality, but not ideal esthetics. Movement of the front teeth to improve the smile is the goal of this system. It can correct spacing issues, rotation and angulations of the front teeth to give you a smile that you are excited to show off.

At Barrett Family Dental, we believe specialists of all kinds are valuable members of the dental team and provide a great service. They have additional years of training, and some cases do require their care.

The MTM Clear Aligner system is not able to treat all orthodontic cases, so we may evaluate your teeth and determine if something more than this system can accommodate your needs. If your teeth require the care of an Orthodontist, we work with some of the best in the area, so we will make sure you get to the right place.

Barrett Family Dental, your best choice for a Tanasbourne family dentist, is excited to offer this new service to our patients. The smile you have always wanted is only a phone call away, so contact our office today at (503) 690-9667 for your appointment!