Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening From Your Cosmetic Dentist In Beaverton

Dr. Barrett and his team offer a convenient and fast way to whiten your smile through state of the art cosmetic dentistry care. Many people achieve the white, beautiful smiles they’ve been dreaming of with the simple teeth whitening procedure provided by Barrett Family Dental.

Depending on your preference, you can lighten both your upper and lower teeth or only your upper teeth. Just one look at the remarkable difference teeth whitening treatments can make to the appearance of a smile and it’s easy to see why teeth whitening has quickly become the most popular cosmetic dental procedure performed in the U.S.

To make it easier than ever for our patients to get the brighter, whiter smile they desire, Dr. Barrett offers Free Lifetime Teeth Whitening to all of his patients. During your next visit to Barrett Family Dental, we will provide you with a special bleaching agent and clear trays that fit comfortably over the surface of your teeth. Simply follow the directions provided to remove any existing stains from the enamel of your teeth. Once your teeth reach your preferred brightness, only occasional treatments are needed to maintain your new smile.[vision_divider style=”hr-dotted-double”]

Lifetime Teeth Whitening

Barrett Family Dental strives to provide all of our patients with the healthier, better looking smiles they desire. To restore some of the luster lost from your smile, just ask and we’ll include an at-home teeth whitening treatment kit after every time you visit for a checkup, cleaning, or other dental care procedure.

New and existing patients are eligible to receive at-home teeth whitening treatment when visiting our dentist office for treatment. Once you enroll in the program, you will receive:

  • Custom professional whitening trays
  • One tube of prescription-strength whitening gel
  • A bleach instruction pamphlet detailing your at-home whitening regimen

To find out more about our program, and to see what terms and conditions do apply, please click here to visit our Special Offers page.

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